Coated Aluminum Coil


Lidao New Material provides coated aluminum rolls for canned food packaging, which are widely used in beer, beverages, eight-treasure porridge, canned fish and meat, etc. Lidao New Material has a large-scale high-speed aluminum roll coating line of 60 meters per minute, which is invested more than 30 million yuan for processing aluminum cans, as well as supporting large-scale wave shearing, slitting, and wax spraying equipment, which can produce A variety of specifications and precision aluminum lids are currently one of the few production lines that produce can lid materials in China. We are now cooperating with domestic and foreign customers with high cost performance and brand-new quality service concepts.

Typical application——Food and Drug Packaging

Our company is the deputy director unit of the Standing Committee of Metal Containers of China Packaging Federation. Our wholly-owned subsidiary-Zhaoqing Lidao New Material Technology Co., Ltd. invested more than 30 million yuan in 2008 and introduced large-scale easy-open lids with an annual output of 15,000 tons. The process coating production line for pull ring aluminum, as well as the supporting slitting, wave shear, and electrostatic wax spraying equipment, can produce coating caps and pull ring aluminum with various specifications and precisions. In the past four years, it has provided more than 50,000 tons of rolling materials, sheets, and pull-tab materials for more than 20 domestic cap manufacturing enterprises, and has formed a long-term joint, mutually beneficial and win-win strategic partnership with many users.

Lidao brand can lid pull ring aluminum materials are all selected from the best domestic aluminum materials from Southwest Aluminum Nanshan, Ruimin, Asia Aluminum and other famous companies. The main raw and auxiliary materials are all internationally renowned brands: the cleaning agent is imported from Germany Henkel; the coating is PPG, VALSPAR, ICI food-grade epoxy resin; spray wax is imported edible petroleum jelly (white wax) from the United States to ensure food safety.

Adopting the coil coating technology, even the sheet material is first rolled and then wave-cut, which not only ensures the cleaning in place, uniform coating and uniform film thickness, but also reduces loss and waste.

The company has stocks of 800-1000 tons of base materials for users to choose from with general alloy 5182/H19 and 5052/H19 general specifications (thickness 0.22-0.45mm, width 800-1500mm) for users to choose, and the delivery cycle generally only takes 10 days. The company provides thoughtful service, answering user inquiries at any time, rectifying quality defects within a time limit, and reaching the scene within three days to negotiate with users to solve technical quality problems. Due to the shortage of products, Lidao newly put into production in 2012 two large-scale food-grade aluminum tube coating production lines and corresponding supporting equipment to meet the growing market demand.