Coated Aluminum Coil

Super wide color coated aluminium coil

Lidao New materials for rail transit to provide high-end color coated aluminum, welded honeycomb panels and other new materials. High quality raw materials, professional equipment, mature technology and careful operation, create excellent quality, become the choice of domestic and foreign high-speed rail subway, new energy vehicles, oil tank body and special vehicles.

Our company specially provides extra-wide aluminum coil for carriage, which is used for interior refitting of containers and other carriages. The thickness of aluminum plate ranges from 0.8mm-2.0mm, and the width of aluminum plate reaches 2650mm at most.

High strength color coated aluminium coil, more and more used for box truck housing.

Fluorine-free color coated aluminum coil and fluorine-free heat insulation material composite heat insulation material, used for heat insulation compartment of refrigerated vehicles.

Our company produces various specifications of pattern aluminum plate, such as pointer pattern aluminum plate, diamond pattern aluminum plate, five rib pattern aluminum plate, common alloy A1100,A3003; Thickness between 2.0mm and 6.5mm; Typical width 1.0 m, 1.22 m; Can be used for car shell modification, and anti-skid floor inside the car.

Typical applications——Super wide color coated aluminum coil

For a long time, our demand for ultra-wide color coated aluminum coils has depended on a few companies in Europe and the United States. In 2011, Lidao invested tens of millions of yuan to introduce a large ultra-wide aluminum coil coating line. In 2019, it invested in a 2850mm wide coating line, which is currently the world's widest color coating line with a line speed of 30 m/s. Various composite panels and vehicle manufacturing industries provide new options.

The technical team with a professional team ensures that every link of aluminum coil pretreatment, coating, baking and so on is kept improving, the coating thickness is uniform, the color difference is small, there is no horizontal pattern, and the physical and chemical indicators have reached the domestic and foreign standards.

We listen carefully to the demands of customers from the most well-known related industries at home and abroad, and carefully understand the coating thickness, color, environment, weather resistance, aluminum coil size deviation, packaging, transportation, storage, and subsequent processing of ultra-wide aluminum coils. Details, meticulous analysis and improvement, only to provide customers with pleasing products.